SEO marketing, what about it?

SEO marketing, what about it?

Search Engine Optimization marketing. This is simply using SEO to market your website to a selected demographic. There are many ways this can be useful. Targeting a certain audience could potentially spike your traffic. SEO marketing is primarily done through keyword targeting. has a short article on how keyword targeting works and how it is done.  Click here for the article.

SEO marketing, what about it?When it comes to keywords, your aim shouldn’t be to target everything. Rather, you should aim to discover where the richest vein of gold lies, and then focus your efforts on extracting it. By correctly identifying areas of growth potential, you can transform a website into a traffic machine with high revenue potential.”  –  Trond Lyngbø

Trond goes on to outline the steps for targeting keywords. Keywords are the key to SEO marketing. There are tools out there to show you your competition’s keywords. This is part of the first step to finding some of your keywords. Obviously not all competition has a fantastic website that is generating massive amount of traffic. That is why I suggest to look at larger more commercial competitors or even your suppliers keywords. Another source for keywords should be derived from your sales figures. When is your peak season and which audience or product line are you wanting to target. Once you have your keywords you will be ready to begin your SEO Marketing.

SEO marketing can be broken down into these very basic steps. You want to review your websites strengths and weaknesses. Review your business strategy. Build your keywords to target audiences according to your website’s strengths that align with your business strategy. Begin creating content on your website with a strong focus on the keywords you have come up with. Word density is important. You want to zone in on your keywords and make sure they have the highest word density.

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