Modern web design elements for 2016

Modern web design elements for 2016 Modern web design elements for 2016 – has to stay on top of trends in web design. What kind of web designers would we be if we did not? After researching trends we decided to share various trends we found all over the web. I will list the top trends for 2016 below:

  1. Hero Images – Hero images are large full page backgrounds that say something about your company or website. As we have discussed in our blog before, people determine whether they are going to stay on your website within seconds of entering it. A hero image can entice them to stay. Choose wisely!
  2. Personalization – Add photos and information about you and your staff. Obviously nothing too personal but putting some personal information will encourage your visitors to stay and get to know more about you. This aides in credibility which is exactly what you want.
  3. Animation – Not the old 90’s scrolling banners. Light animation in the menus and small images that move slightly grab attention and focus the visitor on key parts of your website. Animation on a call to action button is a fantastic way to suck them in.
  4. Flat Design – Meaning a flat website with no three dimensional buttons or drop shadows. Give the sensation that the web page is completely flat. Apple and many other larger companies have designed their sites flat.
  5. Odd Typography – Custom and unique fonts are becoming more and more popular. Just remember to use them in your images and not on the actual text of the website.
  6. Single Page Design – single page website have become more popular. The only draw back is less space for a greater amount of information.

Keeping a website fresh and modern takes research. Research that we do and share with you. I enjoy blogging and providing information for anyone who desires it. Myself and have no secret sauce with web design, SEO or website security. We gladly and free give away the secrets to you. If you need web design, hosting, SEO, website security or any related services then call us at 856-552-0555. We provide our services for Maple Shade NJ, Moorestown NJ, Cherry Hill NJ, Marlton NJ, Voorhees NJ, Mt Laurel NJ, Cinnaminson NJ, Haddonfield NJ, all of South Jersey and even nationwide.


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