Top five facets to a modern website.

facets to a modern websiteTop five facets to a modern website. What makes a modern website? Some say the look of it is the most important part. Depending on your desire for your website to work, SEO may be the most important facet. Making sure you have the top five facets to a modern website is a great goal to start with. Websites are a work in progress and will remain so until you cancel the hosting. So start with the top five and then continue to add as time goes on. focuses on these five facets no matter how big the project is:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Yes this phrase is repeated a lot around here and with good reason. Without it no website has a very good chance to compete with other similar websites.
  2. Responsiveness. This is key more than ever now that Google and other search engines are changing how they server up search results based the type of computing device you are searching with. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing ground and dropping rankings!
  3. Eye appealing. Let’s face it, a beautiful website draws attention. The newer and fresher your website looks the more eye appealing it will become. Does your website look like something from old 2015?
  4. Security. With more hackers than ever and more dangerous infections floating around in the wild, keeping your website secure is crucial. Hosting an infected website costs you and your customers more money.
  5. Speed. Having top level security, fantastic images and loads of traffic means speed is extremely important. Slow websites can be infuriating at times and some will back out of slow sites before it fully loads. Speed is crucial.

These facets are not in order of importance. Simply put, they are all equal in importance. If you are not keeping up with these then your website is dying.