Technology Questionnaire – Engineering


Technology Questionnaire – Engineering

For these departments, we issue:

Mechanical – Engineering workstation desktop (Specs required by SolidWorks and/or AutoCAD).  Dual 24” monitors.

Electrical – Standard issue laptop

KBS – Engineering workstation laptop (Specs required by SolidWorks and/or AutoCAD) with additional memory, Docking Station, and Dual 24” monitors.

Here are the details of the standard issue equipment:

Standard issue laptop – i5 processor, 14” non-touch Screen (balance of size and weight), 500GB hard drive*, and 8GB Memory.  Upon user’s request and manager’s Approval – Docking Station, (single or dual) 20” monitor(s), wireless mouse and keyboard.

Standard issue desktop – i5 processor, 20” monitor, 500GB hard drive, and 8GB Memory.  Upon manager’s Approval – Dual 20” monitors

*Note about Solid State Drive vs. Hard Disk Drives – if users do not have a large data requirement, we will move them to a SSD.  The cost of a SSD is approximately double that of its HDD equivalent.  In order to keep the costs in line, we will opt for a 250GB SSD.

Exact models are based on pricing, availability, user’s specification, and software requirements.  Our goal has been to specify the computer to be replaced or upgraded every 3 years.  However, replacement or upgrade may be longer than 3 years if the computer still meets the user’s needs.

Regarding this information please answer the following questions:

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