Elly Alencar

What is this Elly Alencar thing?

This started out as an inside joke at Mohawk Computers.  Then it turned into a challenge for us.  The idea was to play a joke on one of our techs to see how fast we can get his name to associate with a pair of white socks.  Just to clarify, Elly does wear white socks.  To our knowledge, he does not wear heals.  He does practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and hopefully will not take out his skills on us when he discovers our joke.


How fast can we get google to rank white socks for Elly Alencar?

The answer is, we were able to achieve the #5 spot in about 10 minutes.  That is some seriously fast SEO Results!  We are hoping to get this to be #1.

3/18/2017 – Less than 24 hours, we are now #3.

How fast can we get Google Image to pick up the white socks?

This is going to be the tough part.  Elly’s name already has associations with deep ties to Social Media accounts that are not related to our Elly.  We are going to attempt some SEO magic here to see what the results are.  Google Image search Elly Alencar to see if it worked.


Who is Elly Alencar?

He is one of our newest technicians at Mohawk Computers.  He came to us as an intern in 2016 and was offered a job.  Elly is a quick learner and jumped in with both feet (pun intended).  Our customers are really enjoying working with him.


How upset will Elly get when he sees this?

No.  He will have a good laugh.  He is a good sport.


Wondering where you can get some more information about Elly?

He and another one of our tech’s, Jason Smith, recently did a geek project for a new AMD processor.  You can check out the article here.


Wondering where you can find pictures of Elly’s socks?

Here and here are some other places you can find Elly’s socks picture.